8 Tage Hossegor…

12. Februar 2009 von Tobias

Seignosse Le Penon um genau zu sein. Bude für 150,- Schleifen. Hoffentlich bleibts windstill und vllt kommt ja ein Füsslein mehr Swell rein als im Forecast…

Um 20.30 gehts los.

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Another Paradise

12. Januar 2009 von Roga

At the end always everything gets good. After getting crazy in Leon waiting to get my Logbuch back, since plans in Nicaragua change every minute, I just decided on Friday afternoon to go back to Hotel Chancletas by myself. For going to playa guascate (popoyo) time was running out. So I decided to go Jiquilejo (pronounced Hee-Kee-Lee-Jo), which is only a few kilometresnorth. But you have to go back to the main road and again on a gravel road back to the beach. I made just right for sunset to Rancho Tranquilo. The place is cool. Small basic huts direct at the beach with a great vibe. This is still that what you would call paradise. Simple Life but great fun. Tina, the owner is so cool and stoked (although she doesn´t surf), Mami (tho cook) cooks like mum and is charismatic as funny. The surf 3 vegeterion meals a day, which was perfect for me. Who wants to eat meat or fish can goto some beachfront sodas (basic restaurants).
Nicaragua Rancho TranquiloFisherboat at Jiquilejo/Nicaragua

On Saturday I went surfing, wheather the others walked 45 Min. to a Lagoon and came back euphorized. As was I. The waves were a lot better than expected. Although small (about 2 ft) I got some good waves with the Shortboard. The fish would be the best choice, but I didnt found someone to repair it. After lunch, I went back for a second session and the waves were even better. The view from the Line Upwas awesome, just a bunch of beachfront Ranchos with palm tree leaf roofs and the Hills behind in warm colors. And for the camera, the waves were even barreling:
view from a tube on the beach at Jiquilejo
Today I had to leave to catch my flight on Tuesday morning from San Jose. Although I had to take 4 different busses, the trip was relaxed. The best way to get from Leon to Granada is by Microbus. With the normal Bus you have to change terminal in Managua which means a expensive taxi ride. The only problem with the Microbusses is the surfboard transport. From Manuga it was a normal van and we could transport the boardbag below the seats (which meant everybody had his feet on my boards, but the bag is very good padded and I use extra padding for the rails) and the second bus was a bit bigger,so I could transport the board vertical. The main attention was themissing camera at Chinandega, where I had to change busses. I am really sure I had the camera when I left the bus, but when we got our bags and boards from the roof the camera was gone. Although sure I had the camera when I left the Bus, I went back in the bus and saw a guy watching my pics. When he saw me, he tryed to hide the camera, but this time I was faster, grabbed the camera.

In Granada I went for a city walk justbefore sunset. Granada is the niciest city I saw on that trip. A Lot of beautiful houses and very clean. You can see and feel, that this is the most touristic city.
Granada/NicaraguaGranada/Nicaragua by night
I had a good fish filet as dinner. Probably the fish was from the neighboring Lake Nicaragua, a big inland lake (which was once ocean – therefore there are still sharks in lake Nicaragua). At the lakeside the wind was strong onshore creating small windswell waves (but btter go tothe Pacific coast, there is this wind offshore).

tomorrow I´ll go to San Jose, stay there overnight and then catch the flight back home. Although not yet over completely, the trip was great. My wanna travel list is now a bit longer. Panama and the south of costa Rica is one trip, El salvador and Guatemala another and mainland Mexico is also new on the list (where I already have baja Califonia, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay to mention only the american countries). but next time I go during rainy season when there is winter and loads of low pressure systems in antarctica where the swell is coming from. Best months are probably Mai to August, since the rainy season peaks at September/October.

cheers from Granada/Nicaragua

PS: I apologize for typing errors, but the computer here is so bad

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Walk through Leon – markets and churches

8. Januar 2009 von Roga

I am still in leon and will get in the afternoon back to Hotel Chancletas, because I forgeot my travel diary (Logbuch) there and there are to many memories in there to just forget about it. But I leave most of my stuff here in Leon, stay a night at hancletas and tomorrow a wanna go to Popoyo.

In the morning a took a long walk through Leon. Leon has beautiful churches and quite a few markets. I looked for an Nicaraguan Baseball shirt as a Souvenir (from Stri Lanka I brought a Cricket Shirt and Baseball is the most popular sport in Nicaragua). But I couldn´t find it. Beside from uninspired shirts in San Juan del Sur I didn´t find typical Souvenirs in whole Nicaragua (a shirt with the logo of my favourite Nicaraguan Beer Toña would be also nice). So its just the start of tourism here, which makes Nicaragua a still authentic place to visit.
The markets were busy. Sorry I didn´t took pictures, because the light was not really good and without the smell and the noise it would not show the whole experience. They sell lots of different things, and the only things that ar kept cool are refreshments like water, juice, kakoa which are sold in plastic bags. To drink them you just bite a hole in it. And after use you throw the bag just in the street or out of a bus window. If you have that in mind the streets are relatively clean. The must be cleand very often and some people told me that all the rest of the ne years firework was cleaned already early morning on new year.
Back to the markets. Meat and fish are sold without cooling and vegetables are cleand on spot leaving a wet and smelly rest on the floor. Where it is not wet ist dusty, so I needed a lot of refreshments. After Orange Juice my favourite is fruit salad, that is a mixed juice with fruits in there (I opted to drink it at a foodstand where you get a glass and spoon, but you also can buy it in a blastic bag). For Food my fafourte are sweet cakes. Tres Leches is something in between cheesecake and pudding. Also good is pa de banana, which is more a cake than a bread and a rice cake (don´t know the name, I just point on the display).
My spanish is still very rudimentary, but with a mix of spanish and english and gestures I mostly get what I want. But to talk to peple my spanish is too bad. That´s a shame because the people are so friendly and really like to talk to you. So if I come back I should try to learn at least a basic knowledge, just enough to just talk.

My plans for the last days are to go to Popoyo (surfspot near Las Salinas) and go on Monday to San Jose. My flight back home is Tuesday 9:15 from San Jose. Eactly one day later Wednesday 14, January 9:15 I´ll be back in Germany (Frankfurt) and probably at around lunchtime I am back home in Duesseldorf. You see, I already count my day till I have to go but thats because it is so good here and I wish I don´t have to leave.

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a day longer

6. Januar 2009 von Roga

Today we had a good morning session after breakfast. I got some waves but the drops are very deep, so it is not that easy.
The view from the beach is nice with the Hotel just on the Hill. The Hotel is called Chancletas (= Flip Flops)
Hotel Chancletas aus dem Line Up

Beside that, nothing changed, life is good, the sun is still hot, but a light wind makes it comfortable in the shade.

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Beautiful Sunrise

5. Januar 2009 von Roga

I woke up early. I felt all my muscles. The matress was quite hard (or the mattress was soft so I lay basically on the wooden board below).
But the sunrise was so nice:
Sunset over San Christobal Vulcano/Nicaragua
On this picture you see that San Christobal is not smoking, as I thought yesterday but on the picture yesterday, it was just a cloud like today.

The surf was not really good. I went a beach further, but there the waves were to small and on the main beach just to heavy (extremly hollow in shallow water), so I decided not to risk a broken board (Josef the austrian guy broke his yesterday) or a broken bone, but I managed to get a small ding in the board on the only wave I had on that other beach.

I just make plans where to go next. Probably I´ll go south, but Im not sur weather to go to Popoyo, back to San Juan del Sur or just somewhere in between (or but further north of Popoyo (this is the name of the wave, the town is called Guasacate)
Probably there is not that good Internet connection, but I´ver already to count my days lasting – just one week left (cry).

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