Les asseradores Outer Reef

4. Januar 2009 von Roga

Today the swell arrived. Yesterday I met an austrian guy (Josef) and a dutch guy (Phim) both living in Nicaragua and we planned to take a boat to the outside point, cause the beach will be to shallow. We got up early at 4:45 walked 30 min. just to wait for ages for our boat to bring us to the Outside Point. The sun rised beautifully and the smoke of the vulcano San Christobal was lighted in bright orange like the vulcano is errupting:
San Christobal Volcano/Nicaragua in first light
Sunrise in Les asseradores/Nicaragua
After a while there were fishermen coming out of the harbour and we arranged that they bring us to the point and pick us up again at 10 o´clock. This is Nicaragua, the guy you booked in advance didn´t shows up, but you will find someone else.
The surf was heavy. About 8 ft and really deep drops. I managed to get smashed again on my right ankle but this time the bones didn´t break but I got a bleeding wound (which I realised when I was back in the boat 3 hours later). So I focussed more on taking pictures. here are the best ones:
Outside Point Les Asseradores January 4, 2009
In total the atmosphere was friendly. Drop ins happend, but the normally pulled out again:
again january 4, 2009@ Les Asseradores Outside Point
Josef the austrian guy
This was the biggest swell since october and tomorow is espected to be even bigger. But there is a smaller wave just 30 minutes walk north.

This Picture probably hast to be modified, but a wanna share it anyway:
Shades in Sunrise

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Les Asserradores

4. Januar 2009 von Roga

The plan to rent a car failed: The only car rental in Leon was closed. So I took taxis and busses to get here. It was a hell of a journey but all was forgotten when I entered the grounds to beautiful Hotel Chancletas (Click). The waves are blown out at the moment, but I hope for offhsore tomorrow morning. There is a free internet for guests, but in total the place is a bit pricier than other places in Nicaragua (about the same than in Costa Rica), but you get paradise. Its a good place to chill and surf.
Nicaragua Hotel Chancletas/Les Asseradores

Taxi riding is allways interesting with the board. I thought I´ll already experienced all techniquies of board transportation (on the roof over the taxi sign, below the taxi sign (works only with one board, but you didn´t need a strap, beside the taxi sign on the roof and just leaving the rear door open in a hatchback. But this time the driver strapped the board on the open bootcap:
Nicaraguan taxi ride with surfboard
On the way between Leon and Chinotega we passed several volcanos:
Nicaragua, Volcano
It is really nice to see them majestetical rising from grounds angrily smoking. In Las Penitas you could see a dorming volcano from the line up rising behind the dunes.

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Surfing Chicken Bus

3. Januar 2009 von Roga

I am back in Leon after 3 three days La Penitas. The plan to surf last day of 2008 and first day of 2009 worked. Unfortunately the year also started with another broken fin plug. This time the finplug itself is not broken but pushed into the board. But I feel quite comfortable with the shortboard so a do not hurry to get the board repaired, especially because I think the other plugs are not exctly in the right position. The board feels different.

The bus ride back to Leon yesterday evening was another experience. The bus was so packed that the sugested me to get on the roof with Board and backpack. The just said I should care about the electricity cables. In Total we were about 30 people on the roof and often someone called ¨rama¨¨rama¨ (get down). Most times it was fake alarm and the shouter laughed.

Chicken Bus surfingWe got safe to leon and I met some guys who also went to Bigfoot Hostel so we shared taxi. The board went on the roof beside the taxisig and strapped very poorly so we had to hold the board which was a bit different with the large boardbag (compared to last time when I had only the Fish in a Boardsock).

The New Year´s party was good, we had a good meal (rice and beans (gallo pinto) with salad and grilled tuna (yummy) and later we got also music, caus from 6pm to 10 pm was a electricity breakdown. This meant we had the heaven (!) full of stars the milkyway so lighful I haven´t seen t so far. So this was better than every fireworks, but there was still a bit at the beach.
Sylvester Party I
Sylvesterparty II (lenny im roten Shirt ist der Bistitzer des Surfverleihs wo die Party stattfand)

Newyear was crazy. Thousands of Nicaraguans flooded the beach and in the lagoon there were that many people you probably could cross it without getting wet. Also interesting that the Nicas bathed with their complete clothes on. That day the busride back must be pure horror since most clothes were still wet (so I guess the best places were on the roof).
Neujahrsschwarm@La Penitas

Here the first sunset 2009:
Sunset Nicaragua La Penitas
and the second sunrise:
Sunrise Nicaragua La Penitas

So I wish all of you a happy 2009

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Las Penitas

31. Dezember 2008 von Roga

Mucho Gusto. I went to Las Penitas, a small Beach town near Leon for a daytrip. The surf wasnot good due to wrong tide and onshore wind. But the dinner was really good. I met an austrian couple and they asked the guy at the surfboard rental where they can eat fish. The reply was that they can eat with them. I joined the meal cooked freshly over a woodfire. we had a grilled fish with rice, salad and a Tortilla. The fish was really good and the tortilla was freshly baked and then grilled to keep it warm.
Tomorrow they will have a party there so I’ll move to las Penitas and join the party. They will have a buffet.
Also the surf will be better in the morning so the plan is to take an early morning bus (aprox 45 min/ 10 Cordoba = 0,5 USD) to Las Penitas. Then surf till the wind changes and sleep a bit befor the party. Normaly I go to bed relatively early, so this might be an good idea.
One word to the busses. They are old with bad shock absorbers and normally packed with people and baskets full of anything. Although they were called chicken bus, I haven’t spotted a chicken yet, but today a free flying bird was in the bus, resting on Davides shoulder (Davide is a french guy with whom I went to the beach, unlucky for him that he left earlier) and hopefully the early morning bus is not that full. In the bus they play loud music and everybody enjoys life. The people are so friendly – I love Nicaragua.

I wish you all a happy new year.

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Volcano Surfing

30. Dezember 2008 von Roga

Today   I went volcano surfing on  Cerro Negra, an active   vulcano.  The  view was  breathtaking and the  descend on special vulcano boards just thrllingÑ

We were a great group. Here are only some pictures, as thge internet place shouts down:
Volcano Cerra Negra Nicaragua

Volcano Nicaragua
It was really great and a good thing to do while the waves were small.

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