29. Dezember 2008 von Roga

Now I am in Leon. I arrived Yesterday and already got new recommendations where to go next. There is a nice Hostel at northern End of Nicaragua, called Rancho Tranquillo. But first I have to go to town, visit the cathedral (looked very nice from the taxi I took from the busstop into town (30 Cordoba = 1,5 USD). The travel was relatively easy: direct bus from San Juan del Sur to Managua (50 Corboba = 2,5 USD) at 5:55 am (but that was no problem to get up early, I was awake due to a guy snorring like a Truck with broken exhaust system. In Managua I had to switch bus terminal by taxi (80 C/4 USD) an chicken bus to the busstop Leon (the bus went further to Chinoega) (152 Corboba = 8 USD because they charged 100 extra for the board).

Leon is a busy city with some relict from colony past. The Cathedral is very nice but the colour has gone dark. In the late afternoon sun it looked really nice:


The Church is ab of a symbal of the town, with lots of rubbish in the streets and a bit stinky, but many hidden treasures. If you look into the houses through open doorways or windows you see a lot of colony constructions with a well keept courtyard and roofes walkways around them. The Outside facade however lacks speciality.

The cathedral is not the only nice church in Leon:


Today (Monday) a go on a volcano tour with hiking on Top but descending by sandboard. They are sit on boards, but I am exited to have a good view from the Top and a fast adrenalin rushung descend. And furthermore it is an active volcano and with less than 150 years very young. On average it erupts every 7 years throwing lave ash on the farmland and cities around.

Cheers from Leon/Nicaragua

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Going to ???

27. Dezember 2008 von Roga

I`m still not sure where to go next. But I wanna leave today. Yesterday I went to Playa Remonso south of San Juan del Sur just to see a different beach. it was worth it just for that reason. The whole bay is a resort with a hotel but also holiday homes. There are also lots for sale. Developement is fast here in Nicaragua and some of the appartment houses look a bit displaced but they so far have avoided the awful high storey concrete blocks. Some of the developments are nice Finca style buildings.

But back to Remonso: The surf was small and a local surf teacher proposed to walk into the next bay Tamarindo (not to confsed with Tamarindo/Costa Rica). The surf was a bit bigger, but still small. The fish was still in repair, so I took the shortboard and I surprisingly got every wave I paddled for. Guess I now have a decent paddle power. It was fun and the bay was beautiful with no developements and access only by foot or boat. I took the watercamera with me, but uploading pictures doesn`t work at this PC. There were nice cactus trees.

Altghough the best forecast is still for the caribic i`ve just skipped the idea of going to Bocas. I am sick of travelling 2 days just to see the swell dropping and hearing the infoumous words: „You should have been here yesterday, 6ft offshore, just unreal“. So after picking up my repaired Board I wanna go to Leon, which many peaple have recommend to be the nicest City in Nicaragua (Grenada is prbably also nice, but a bit dodgy and many reported stolen wallets or cameras. From Leon I wann make some tours to a vulcano and 30 min away are also surfspots which are reported to be absolutely uncrowded (glad the most nicaraguans don´t surf). Just see if there is some surf. Otherwise I can make my way back to Costa Rica (where the surf should be slightly bigger). If no new swell is coming I probably just go to the northern part of the Nicoye although I rally wanna go to the south to places like domenical or pavones. But everthing step by step and the next will be Leon.

So last cheers from san Juan del Sur

PS: we had a good christmas with lot of partying, but I managed to get to bed early enough to avoid to bad hangovers and still enjoyed the next day surfing.


since my surfboard was not ready, I decided to stay a day longer in san Juan del Sur.  So this gives me time to upload some pitures from the trip yesterday:

Shuttle Ride to Remonso:


Playa Tamarindo/Nicaragua:


Cactus @ Playa Tamarindo:


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Christmas Surf

26. Dezember 2008 von Roga

It is a bit strange to surf on christmas day in warm water, but defenetely a good idea to celebrate. But I was not alone with that idea. There were locals, lots of Americans on Christmas holiday (some owning secondary homes in Nicaragua) and other tourists. That meant a lot of beginners and they often don´t know the surfing rules. But in total it was a mellow vibe, everybody enjoying sun surf and life. Unfortunately the surf is small, but I got some good waves with the fish. It was a good day to learn to make speed on the wave and thiswise my surfing improved a lot. When I came out of the water, I notized thatone fin was bit loose. The fin plugs were cracked – shit. So now the Board is at the local repairman who understood (hopefully) thtat he has to use epoxy resin, when inserting two new plugs. I was a bit worried, that the shops aren´t open today, but it seems like a normal business day, many shops are open and there is activity even on construction sites.

I still don´t know what to do the next days. It is still small here (as is the forecast for the next days). Bocas del torro (Panama/Caribis Side) has right now 10 ft, but forecast is dropping to 5ft at the end of next week. Since I can get my board tomorrow at 10am I would be at Bocas not before sunday evening (if I take the bus tomorrow to san Jose and sunday morning to sixaola (border to panama) with the taxi to the harbour and a watertaxi to Bocas. The problem might be that the border to Costa Rica will be very busy with pepole returning from christmas visits. But if I wait till monday the swell will be almost gone.

the other option will be costa rica south pacific (Domenical) or I do a round trip (first Bocas, then crossing within Panama to the pacific (Panama (& Nicaragua) has by far better roads than Costa Rica) and then travelling north (maybe Pavones which is a long lefthand break, so perfekt for me as a goofy footer). I got a bit confused by reports, that you need since October 2008 a vaccination against yellow fever when entering costa rica from panama, but some other said the requirement was dropped again. I probably would get the vaccination in San Jose, but would probably loose another day. I´ve just googled and panama is not really a high risk countrybut that doesn´t help me when I am refused to getting back to Costa Rica.

Today I want to take the second shuttle to maderas or may getting to different beach. I hope I get some waves with the shortboard (remember the fish is at the repairshop).

Cheers again from San Juan del Sur

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Feliz Navidad

25. Dezember 2008 von Roga

Feliz Navidad.

I am just in the process of awaking and recovering from a great Christmas Party. The day I took again the shuttle bus to Playa Maderas, where there was very small surf, but as always (or at least 300 days/year) offshore and clean conditions. The main peak was crowded and so I went to the side were was an occasional left, but I had it for myself, but the waves were reall small and it was quite difficult to maintain the speed needed not to sink down. I wished I had a Longboard.

Coming back from the beach, we were greeted by free Mojitos for all, made in one of thes 20 liter water containers. After that I went for a Langustino Christmas dinner followed by quite a lot Rum-Colas. The local Nicaraguan rum is called Flor de Cana and is as good as cheap. A Rum-Cola in a Bar is 1,5 USD (or 30 Nicaraguan Cordoba)

The swell I hoped to hit during christmas is probably not that big. Forecast sites show an offshore windswell, so I don¨t really know if there is a new groundswell coming and how big it might get.

The Caribean  Coast seem to be better right now.  Alex, a british lad I´ve met in the Hostel here in san Juan del Sur and I thinking about going to Boccas del Torro / Panama after Christmas. It is an Island Chain just south of Costa Rica. That means going all the way back to Puerto Viejo, but I had planned to lead me by the swell, so why not collecting another stamp in the passport.

But I still hope the swell increases a bit, so I can do a daytrip by boat here in Nicaragua to escape the crowds of Maderas.

Many people tell very good stories from El Salvador, but it needs a good Southswell, so best time is May to October. I guess its a good Idea to come back to enjoy the waves of El Salvador and also get a good swell in Nicaragua. Costa Rica is nice, but to escape the crowds and have more Adventure go to Nicaragua or other central american countries.

So you see, I still not know what to do the next weeks, but what´s for sure is that I´ve a great time.

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas from San Juan del Sur/Nicaragua

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The Catch of the day

24. Dezember 2008 von Roga

…were two large Macquarel.

Since the surf was small I went for a sunset boat cruise fishing. I caught two small fish. Since our guides caught also two big Macquarel (ca 1 kg) I forgot the name.  Fresh seafood is the best and how fresher can yo get it. It was max. two hours from catching to cooking. Sio this was the first time I cooked on this trip, but it was so yummie with some potatoes, onion, garlic and lime.

The Idea of the trip was basically to enjoy the sunset from a boat, but todas sunset was not as good as the awesome one yesterday:


I have decided to stay over christmas in town, as you have plenty of possibilities. Todays surf was small, but fun.  Friday is suposed to hit another swell and I am trying to get some people together for a boat cruise. This time not for fishing but surfing. Many beaches are only (or easier) accessable by boat and you can enjoy uncrowded waves.

Here (or if it does not work on imageshack.us username shakin_roga) are som pictures from Play Maderas:


and the ride with that Shuttletruck:


I wish all of you a merry christmas from San Juan del Sur/Nicaragua

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